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Развитие эмульсионной системы формирования изображения в мюонной радиографии для исследования внутренней структуру вулкана, горы Asama (7.03.2007)

  • Development of an emulsion imaging system for cosmic-ray muon radiography to explore the internal structure of a volcano, Mt. Asama
    A simple particle detection system comprising an emulsion cloud chamber was developed as a potential apparatus for cosmic-ray muon radiography of a volcano. A successful radiographic measurement of the internal structure of Mt. Kama-yama through Mt. Maekake-yama is described. We analyzed the data and the bulk density of 2.25 g/cm3 was determined in Kama-yama. Using the value of the density of the mountain, we confirmed that the volume occupancy in the shallow region of a crater (at a place between the crater rim and 100m below the rim) is 8.1%. We discuss the future perspective of the power-free radiographic imaging device for understanding and monitoring volcanic activity. / 1624.00 Кб
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